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About Us

Who We Are


We are a group that searches for new and great items to share.  The products are from multiple manufactures and diverse brands.  

What We Do


We ship great finds across multiple brands for great people to receive in the mail. Our mission is to send our subscribers the newest, yet hand selected items we have found.  Perfect as a gift for loved ones, or as a gift for yourself.  


Don't get stuck with the same old brands

Mystery Gift Boxes

Chose from our Mystery Gift Box category and we will send an assortment of merchandise hand selected every month.  Retail value ranging from $25.00 to $40.00 in every box for only $19.95.

The Mystification Box

Let us mystify you!  We choose the category and send a different box each month!  Retail value ranging from $25.00 to $40.00 in every box for only $19.95.

Mystery Gift Boxes

Grand Spoiler


Send the child in your life the gift that keeps giving.  We are passionate about all things chocolate. Gummies and novelty candy is a thrill that pleases everyone!  If it is new, we have it... This is a gift they will never forget!

$19.95 Per Month

see sample box

College Pack


Food for college.  We will send a different category each month.  Healthy Snacks because they need nourishment for the brain; Meat Snacks to maintain protein in their diet, Sweet Snacks because you miss them; and Salty Snacks because well they are in college to study, snack and be social...    

$19.95 Per Month

See Sample Box

Gym Junkie


Let us find high protein nuts and healthy energy snacks for you!  We know what is healthy and delicious.  Which one will be your new favorite? We have items that won't make you have to go back to the gym just for trying them!

$19.95 Per Month

see sample box

Bean Aficionado


  Love the bean?  Drink coffee and live longer. We have an assortment of great coffee plus all things coffee to share with you.  Let us surprise you every month.  

 $19.95 Per Month

see sample box

Meaty Beast


Great gift for any outdoors man!  Fishing, hunting, camping, at the big game or watching in front of the TV - beef jerky pleases the beast in every outdoors man.  Meaty Beast is an assortment of our favorite finds.  

 $19.95 Per Month

see sample box

The Chip Cleaner


Let us send you your next got to have it craving... We have the Chips! Savor all kinds of chips, yet looking for a variety? 

 $19.95 Per Month

see sample box

Mystification Box



We choose the category and send a different one each month!

$19.95 Per Month

see sample box

Quick Guide of Individual Items


York Peppermint Patties 175 ct 

Air Heads Mini 

Gummy Bears

Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy


Mike and Ike

Now And Later

Sour Patch kids


Meat Snacks

Jack Links 

Slim Jim 

Oberto Jerkey


Snack Foods


Chex Mix

Hershey Dipped Pretzels

Resse's Dipped Pretzels

Lookout Pecan Pie

Oreo Golden



Farmers Market

Healthy Snacks

This Bar Saves Lives

Kind Bars

Power Bars

Cliff Bar

Planters Peanuts

Fiber 1

Special K Protein Bar


Nature's Valley

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Big League Chew





Double Bubble

Ice Breaker

Juicy Fruit


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